The market for financing the Micro, Small and Medium-Sized-Enterprise (MSME) sector is complex, fragmented, highly negotiated, and constantly changing. Market participants include local and international commercial banks, regional development banks, international and development financial institutions, Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIVs), social-impact funds, alternative investment firms, private equity firms, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Global Impact Capital’s experience and reputation with these financing providers ensure our clients efficient access to this market. By simultaneously accessing all appropriate sources of capital for each transaction, we create competition in the market for the benefit of our clients and we negotiate relentlessly until we obtain the most favorable terms and lowest costs. We also guide our clients through the entire capital raising process, leveraging their time and minimizing disruption to their day-to-day operations.

With Global Impact Capital, our clients benefit from having an experienced banker by their side who works exclusively for them and with the unique objective of protecting their interests and attaining the best outcome. With the help and guidance of a trusted advisor, our clients are able to raise the capital they need with the best terms and conditions, and the right like-minded investor.

With Global Impact Capital, our clients are also able to outperform the competition by gaining access to their industry’s best practices and latest trends in strategy, growth, operations, finance, and governance, and having a trusted advisor help them choose and implement the best course of action. We have a proven and successful track record in assisting clients acquire or sell a company, invest in a company, go public, execute turnarounds, strengthen the capital structure and improve operations, risk management, and governance.

At Global Impact Capital, our compensation is based on the successful completion of an engagement and our clients’ complete satisfaction. Financing engagements are based on a success fee when the transaction is executed and the funding is disbursed. Advisory engagements are priced on a project basis, depending on scope and complexity.

Financing Services

Our Financing Services include New Financing and/or Refinancing and Re-Negotiation of Existing Financing.

We customize our approach to the specific needs of each client and the complexity of the transaction.

Depending on the engagement, our approach involves:

  • Performing an Investor Readiness Assessment, which includes reviewing the strategic and operating plans of the business, validating the financial projections in the context of historical performance and growth outlook, helping management articulate its competitive advantage, and ensuring common operational and governance investor concerns follow best practices
  • Preparing the Investor Materials. The quality and accuracy of the information presented to investors is critical to the capital raising process and can determine its success. Global Impact Capital prepares the business plan, the general presentation and presentation by Department/function, the information memorandum, and any other document requested by the investor. We also help management prepare for investor meetings and manage the ongoing communication
  • Conducting a preliminary valuation of the business for mezzanine and equity transactions, and establishing with the client the minimum acceptable parameters
  • Structuring the appropriate transaction and helping the client understand the different options available
  • Identifying an appropriate group of investors/lenders
  • Marketing the transaction to these investors/lenders
  • Obtaining competing term sheets for each transaction, thereby creating leverage for our client
  • Negotiating each term sheet, obtaining the most favorable terms and conditions, and advising the client on best offer
  • Assisting our client with the due diligence process and with follow-up discussions with investors/lenders to ensure approval from their investment/credit committee is obtained
  • Negotiating legal documentation including covenants and ensuring that the rights and remedies of our client are adequately protected, specially during events of breach or default
  • Managing the process through to disbursement, ensuring minimum disruption to the client’s day-to-day operations

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services include Strategic Advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions and Going Public or Becoming Regulated for a Microfinance Institution (MFI)

Strategic Advisory

We conduct a health check-up of the business, identifying and helping our clients resolve any strategic, financial, governance, and/or operations issues that may be depressing the value of the business or hindering growth. Depending on the engagement, we assist clients optimize their capital structure, strengthen risk management and internal controls, increase operational efficiency and improve governance. We also help clients make sense of the different expansionand growth opportunities available and select the best ones, given their core competencies and unique competitive advantages, and market outlook.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our experience and deep knowledge of the industries, countries, and markets where we work give us a unique advantage in identifying acquisition targets for our clients that represent profitable growth opportunities and crucial synergies. We guide our clients through the entire merger and acquisition process, from preparing the valuation and conducting the due diligence to structuring and negotiating the transaction and providing the financing needed. We also advise clients considering management buyouts, sales and recapitalizations.

Going Public and/or Becoming Regulated for a Microfinance Institution (MFI)

We advise clients considering going public and/or for Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) considering becoming regulated financial institutions.

Many clients, while being knowledgeable entrepreneurs, are unfamiliar and uncomfortable going through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Going public is a complex undertaking, which require careful consideration of the financial, operational, legal, tax and regulatory implications. An IPO has significant advantages, such as strengthening the capital structure of the company and being able to monetize an owner’s stake, but it also has disadvantages such as increased reporting and regulatory requirements and loss of privacy. We guide clients through the entire process from determining whether going public is the right decision to ensuring that the most appropriate underwriter is selected and a favorable valuation is obtained.

We also assist Microfinance Finance Institutions that are considering becoming regulated financial institutions. Becoming regulated has advantages, such as the ability to capture savings and decreased funding costs, but it also has disadvantages such as adherence to strict financial metrics and rigorous regulatory requirements. We guide clients through the transformation process from determining whether becoming regulated is the best decision and choosing the appropriate legal form to preparing our client for compliance with the new regulations and liaising with the regulator to ensure the needed authorizations will be provided swiftly.

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